4 things to consider before house painting in Melbourne

If the residents of Melbourne learned anything from the English, it is that “a man’s home is his castle’. Much like our British ancestors, Melbournians also take great pride in their homes – from gardening to home decorating and renovations. But not all of them have the know-how on making over their home. One simple way to refresh your “castle” is to apply a fresh layer of paint. But before you start, here are 4 things to consider for your house-painting project.

  1.     What are you painting?

Are you painting an interior or exterior surface? Interior and exterior paints will have different durability for varying conditions. Moreover, investigate the surface you are painting – is it smooth or bumpy? Is it a wide and open space or small and intricate areas?

  1.     What kind of paint do you need?

When it comes to paint, do not negotiate on selection and quality. Choosing the wrong paints can make application a lot harder for you, and you may not end up with the finish and look you actually want. There are oil-based and water-based paints for different elements of your home, such as wooden surfaces, plaster surfaces or metal surfaces. Paints will also vary with the amount of sheen, and you will need to decide on how much of a glossy finish you want.

  1.     What equipment do you need?

There are different paintbrushes and paint roller covers available for a variety of surfaces. Paint rollers are efficient in covering large spaces with a consistent surface dynamics throughout the area. Paintbrushes are used for targeted painting spots and intricate spaces where rollers cannot reach. You will also find a selection of sizes in brushes and rollers available for more tailored application. There are also different bristle types or roller cover naps that create different finishing textures for your house painting project. Your selection will depend on how you want the end result to look.

  1.     Can you do it yourself?

House painting may seem straightforward – after all, how can you go wrong in painting a solid colour for an entire wall, for instance? But house painting is a sustaining and strenuous activity that you may not be prepared for if you are new to DIY house projects. Moreover, if there are hard to reach surfaces involved in your project such as high ceilings and walls, or along the rooftop of your house, house painting can become risky to your safety. In the case of these hard-to-reach areas, you may consider employing reputable painting services in Melbourne to help you instead.

Making the decision to paint your house is an exciting step toward refreshing the look of your home. But it is not necessarily a straightforward and easy process for you to do yourself. There is a lot of effort, skill and knowhow involved to ensure you complete your house painting project efficiently while maintaining a quality finish. So be sure to consider the 4 points as mentioned above and do not hesitate to contact a professional painter in Melbourne for your house-painting project.