Just Another Day in Parliament

It had been another raucous day in Australian Parliament, with the usual squabbling and infighting and name calling that came from a typical day of the country’s leaders trying to ‘get things done.’ The only bigger hits had been across the road at Canberra Stadium in the Rugby League match between the Canberra Raiders and the Canterbury Bankstown Bulldogs. But even that would be sure to end in far more amicable terms than a day in parliament.

As the day wore on, the disagreements got more and more frequent—and more and more heated. This senator was competing against that senator, and that senator was upset with this senator. It was all becoming a little monotonous and annoying.

But finally the day was drawing to a close. The Speaker of the House brought up the final bill to be voted on for the day, which was one focused on reducing wages across the nation. The Speaker was so confident this would take about five seconds to pass that she was already getting her things together to head home.

“So, does everyone vote yes on the proposed bill for increased wages across the nation?” There was universal agreement across the members of the house, and everyone was about to call it a day, when suddenly there was a protest from the bottom of the room.

“I vote ‘no’ to the proposed bill.”

Everyone turned to the solo protester, aghast at the suggestion. “Did I hear you correctly, member for Melbourne?”

“You did. I would like to vote no.”

Do you need a hearing test?” one of the other senators shouted from the stands.

“Yeah, you must need a hearing test, Melbourne!” came a second protester from the crowd.

“I do not need a hearing test,” the member for Melbourne replied.

“So, you really want to vote against a wage increase?” asked the Speaker.

“Oh, did you say increase?”

“Well, yes.”

“Perhaps I do need a hearing test. I retract my vote.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, before packing up and heading home to watch the football.