Label Printing Experience

My mother’s company is extremely traditional when it comes to label printing. She produces jams and prides herself on being as authentic as possible. In fact, the recipe and execution of the jams has not changed since my great grandmother founded the company. The jars are the same, the ribbons are the same and so are the labels. Everyday my mum, along with several of my aunties and uncles, sits down and hand draws label after label. This process is time consuming, especially with the amount of orders we receive each day. It got to the point where we were actually behind on orders. This is when I decide to put my foot down- it was time for a label printing solution.

My mum was against the idea. She claimed that custom label printing would ruin the authenticity of her products. The ink work would look basic and the colours would become out faded and ugly. She explained to me that what her customers want is the old school, vintage feel that can only be produced by hard work. But, after popping over to one of our local digital label printing services, I managed to change her mind.

By using a label-printing supplier, my mums company will be able to produce almost three times as many jars of jam each day. Unlike the original labels that we glued onto the jars, these are label stickers. This means they are easy, fast and efficient. Despite being dubious, my mum loves the new labels. She used to complain about her hands cramping and her sore neck all the time. But now, all she has to do is slap the label on the jar and she’s done.

Now that we are mass-producing our labels using digital label printing technology, we are able to explore different designs. We are no longer reliant on the past and have actually started to appeal to a younger market. The new designs are simpler and geared towards young people. We have begun to look to the future, using fun colours and trendy patterns that reflect what the company is now rather than what the company once was.