Melbourne’s Weather and Ducted Heating

Melbourne weather is a temperamental thing. Ever heard the saying “four seasons in one day”? Well that’s Melbourne for you. To go out for the day in Melbourne, you need layers, think wearing a t-shirt and bringing a woolen jumper with you. And never ever forget your umbrella.

With the ability to be 35 degrees Celsius one minute and 22 and raining an hour later, Melbourne is the city for the prepared. And that doesn’t just stretch to what you bring with you out of the house. I don’t know anyone in Melbourne who lives without some sort of heating and cooling system in their homes. Ducted gas heating is particularly popular in Melbourne because of the freezing, dry winters. Meanwhile, cooling systems tend to be far more simplistic, with people still using stand fans and portable coolers.

Now this may seem silly considering the serious heat waves that Melbourne goes through, which are only increasing in temperature and frequency as the years go on. But we are a proud people, and having no air conditioner and suffering through the heat becomes a source of pride and bragging rights between friends. Of course, its not helped by the attitude of many landlords towards installing cooling systems.

The sheer cost of installing central heating and cooling is often too much, and while it may seem fair to you or me that landlords provide both heating and cooling systems, homeowners tend to lean towards the heating system, and provide little support for cooling.

What I’ve realized though, is that the cost of both is totally worth it. I’m lucky enough to have both a gas ducted heater and an installed air conditioner. In all honesty, I had never thought about the cost factor of these systems until the other day. It was the first cold day of the year, and our house was freezing so naturally, I tried to use the heater. It sputtered, spat out a gas smell, and didn’t heat anything.

The price for ducted heater repairs is insane. We thankfully only had to pay half of it, the other half taken care of by the landlord but just the half was nearly the same as our rent for the week! The whole situation shocked me, but I also understood that if heating repairs were that much, then the cost of central heating installation must be enormous!

My housemates and I have fully realized how lucky we are with our landlord, and our home. God knows I prefer being in a comfortable house than having any kind of bragging rights about suffering through hot weather.