School Zone Signs You Need To Know in Australia

When driving in Australia, you may have noticed the number of road and safety signs that surround school areas. These school zones are defined by local governments and indicate altered traffic conditions that apply in these areas. Some of these safety signs are only displayed and applied during particular hours or days, and some are year-round. Here is a brief guide to the school zone signs that you may encounter on your daily transit on the road.

Children Crossing

Children Crossing signs are displayed near crossings around school, usually, the school-crossing supervisor on duty will attach these signs to the red and white striped guideposts at the allocated school crossing near the school. The orange version is most common in Australian states such as – Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia – whereas the pink version is only used in the Northern Territory.

School Zone

In some states and territories in Australia, school zones have predefined traffic rules and conditions that apply. You will find the orange and green school zone sign variations in in the Australian Capital Territory, and South Australia respectively.

School Zone with Specifications

In Victoria, a speed limit in school zones is applied at particular times and day – with specific focus on before and afterschool times. These allocated periods are when students are going to and from the school area and are at most risk to traffic hazards. During these periods, the school zone sign enforces a maximum speed of 40 km per hour for vehicles passing through the area.

Such school zone signs slightly vary in look in different states such as New South Wales and Queensland.

No Stopping

These no stopping signs near schools are a way of streamlining peak hour traffic that occurs before and after school. It prevents parents from stopping their cars to pick up and drop off their children in particular areas and holding up traffic.

School Times

Used in Victoria, school times signs are usually attached as an added condition to a pre-existing sign in the area.


School signs are simple indicators that patrons are passing by a school and maintain a high alert of children in the area. A variety of these exist in states and territories in Australia.

You may even see older version of these signs as well.

School Bus Stop Ahead

In Victoria, these signs are used to warn drivers to take care around school buses loading and unloading children.

Across the country, these school signs are reminders to be wary of children in the area who may be less aware of risks around roads. So if you are looking into installing more school zone or other safety road signs in your area, enquire a dependable safety sign provider today.