The best seafood wholesalers in Melbourne

In Melbourne, there are a range of restaurants and cuisines available for you to try excellent seafood. Once you’ve tasted a good portion of the selection around, you will notice differences in quality and freshness of the seafood used in your meals. The thing is, quality of the dishes is not completely owed to the skilled and experienced chefs that have cooked the meal. The produce used is also locally sourced from the best seafood wholesalers in Melbourne. When it comes to seafood, freshness of produce is crucial to the dining and tasting experience of seafood. So when you are sourcing fish and seafood for your next cook-off, here is what you should consider when selecting a reliable seafood wholesaler.

Don’t got to a supermarket

Especially living an urban city like Melbourne, of course you will be able to find many of your required ingredients at the local supermarket. And while it is convenient, you may not be getting your money’s worth for your seafood. In the nature of the supermarket business, it is likely that their “fresh” produce has been behind the glass longer than you would expect. Seafood at supermarkets can be left on display for days or pre-frozen before making it to the shop floor. The further from the coast you are, the more likely it is to occur. At best, you can buy frozen seafood – where you can expect to pay a fair price. But if fresh seafood is what you are really after, the supermarket is not a supplier of the best seafood in Melbourne.

Go local

Time means something when it comes to seafood. The longer your produce needs to travel, the staler it will be. Seafood suppliers near the sea or major fish markets are your best bet. Consider this: fishermen capture the produce at sea; then they come back inland to trade with fishmongers. The fishmongers then transport the produce to their store or sell to other retailers. This entire process takes time in itself! Additional to this, is the time from when you purchase the produce and take it home to cook. So for guaranteed freshness, don’t waste time – go local! Places such as the Queen Victoria Market and Prahran Market have a good selection of seafood suppliers in the Melbourne area.

While Melbourne is lucky to be a renowned food hub in Australia, you still can be a little picky when choosing a dependable and high quality seafood wholesaler. You can also investigate your local fishmonger by asking questions about the produce and ideas on preparing them. If they have the years of experience and knowledge of the best seafood wholesalers in Melbourne, they will be able to help you out without a problem.